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Twenty one years ago, my life was suddenly plummeted into a spiral of chronic pain, confusion, and hate. After a disabling wreck that fractured my entire spinal cord, it produced bullet sized holes in two of my vertebra from the herniated discs between the fractured vertebra pushing the disc fluid into the fractures. After years of trying to heal, an aggressive disc disease developed that is far worse than degenerative disc disease, hypertrophic facet disease. I would have never dreamed of being a political prisoner because of an injury I could only just stare at as it approached me at fifty-five miles per hour before the car hit me so hard that I spun in circles and my head went into the windsheid. I am a political prisoner deprived of my liberties; authorities target me, my family, my life, and my sanity, due to my unacknowledged disability. When I say political prisoner, in legal terms, it fits although I’m not behind the same kind of bars as if I had committed a crime. The prison I occupy is one I can’t leave, until the disability court ruling denying me benefits is overturned and my disability on a federal level is acknowledged.

After applying for disability seven times, the discrimination because of my youthful age produced hate and volience directed at me for not being an able bodied individual. With my family who needed me to sacrifice my health above all else, I continued to work. After I returned home from long days of work, my pain would keep me up all night. So when it was time to go back to work, I had not slept. I would continue to work each day until my body had become exhausted to the point that my pain( which effects me every second) did not penatrate my consciousness, after suddenly falling asleep, and not waking me back up. Which I feel lucky that I didn’t fall asleep behind the wheel after work and kill an entire family in a wreck, and possibly kill myself. Is this what needs to happen before I receive benefits or do my children have to bury me first? I refuse to believe that a man has to hurt himself and cause permanent damage to his body just to be a provider in the family.

My life was threatened several times, targeted with hate and volience, and singled out as a drug abuser. I was brutalized in the middle of the street by the police where everyone could witness, only to further injury my spine. I can not do this alone and without help. Please, if you can find it your heart to understand, I did not want to put my life and others in danger, and you can help support me while in this prison.

In the United States, I do not recieve medical care, assistance, and shelter. Seeking refuge in another country, I recieve medical care and shelter while being protected by the United Nations. This protection keeps me safe from any danger that formerly threatened and ruined my life. Everyday I occupy this prison because I do not want to suffer, die unnecessarily, and allow my children to witness the atrocities that violate my human rights. Where does it leave me? I am unable to provide for myself here. Which means I can not afford to buy food, medications, supplies, and the necessities of life. I am barely able to function without causing trauma in my life everyday due to pain, when all I truly want is to be present as a father to my children.

As a political prisoner seeking refuge abroad, the Surpreme Court is the only judicial body that can overturn all the years of hate, volience, and discrimination. You can help! With national support, Everyone can help change how disability benefits are given to those who need it. Everyone who cannot function normally or gainfully work deserves benefits, not just those who fit the parameters of the elderly and diseased. Everyone who has experienced hate, volience, and discrimination knows how it happens in daily life and we can fight this fight before it is to late. Help me be free from the political powers that hinder everyone’s life, before more prisoners are entrapped. Everyone in their life chooses the fights to win and this fight is the fight, Equality and Justice for all! To support me and my fight to be free: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/DYelle?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US

To join the fight email: Polkivey@gmail.com

Together we are stronger and can win this fight for disability and human rights in the world today!

Tetra Mechanics

The Theory of Evotion Exposition

Proof of The Onemore Cycle in the Evotion Theory By David Robinson Yelle 1985

main article image
Link to Article: Observation of a Giant Magnetic Bridge between galaxies

Proof of the Meory-Orbital in the Evotion Theory By David Robinson Yelle 1985


Proof of Tetra Mechanics at work in Evotion Theory By David Robinson Yelle 1985


The Mind’s Yelle and Walkerstein

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Engineering and Liberal Arts Development

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Living Rights and Art!

“The People’s History of Graphic Arts and Murals Project”
Public Art and the value of Art in Public.
A production for a bill of rights to be alive and healthy.
A national holiday for Public Art, especially outdoors.
Awareness of health, education, and discovery.
Establishing areas of sanctuary.
The development of resources for sanctuary, safety, and health.


Tetra Mechanics is copyrighted and trademarked DRY – Embedded Tag 1985

Hyphek Technology, a multidimensional technology, that includes the clothing produced by my company with an embedded tag, QRC, that connects to a digital gallery with original artwork is copyrighted and trademarked Embedded Tag 2018

Included Designs “The Puffin’s Mötiere Book” tradmarked Embedded Tag 2018 is a creativity context technology of Hyphek Technology. ©™ Embedded Tag 2018

Intratrinsic Epiject and Geocalculus: Anduality

Geocalculas Coin – Secure User Access

True Empathy – The work in thought: A real-time platform of the cost in products and services as a variable in the constantly changing variables in the cost of equality in purchases, service rates, contracts employment, and the Ultrastanding of Intelligence. Showing the ingredients of choices in the freedom of information  ©™ Embedded Tag 2018

True Independence: A independent tracking system localized on personalized devices ©™ Embedded Tag 2018

Ultrastanding of Intelligence – is a included free service of interactions between people for a exchange of choices in ethics. a prevention for the victims of abuse, and providing the connections in attraction and intelligence beyond understanding and contextual obtainment in a persentiment. Also Provides a list of potential interested individuals for further interest beyond friends with an additional embedded id and contact info. A relief in the loopholes of privacy and interactions. As well as a standard for measurement of code, localized coordinates, and your own protection within GPS technology in physical space. ©™ Embedded Tag 2018

The Real-time Will, the designation of Intelligent Independence and Truth in Context , a relief within the freedom of speech and the Rights of Life. ©™ Embedded Tag 2018

True Honesty and Intelligence ©™ Embedded Tag 2018

produced and developed by David R Yelle

Tetra Mechanics Book Series: A Beautiful Matter: The Mothers’ of Philosophy

Evotion Theory Exposition:

The exposition for the A Beautiful Matter: The Mother’s of Philosophy

Restime Dreams: The Series

A Wemoire – A Fractal of Fractals or A Fractal Root of a fractal. As a clarification for productions of Wemoire’s, the productions are perfectly acceptable when contacting David Robinson Yelle for the context of productions, as Wemoire’s are equations of creativity and isolating them is not the intention, although the claim of my intellectual property is the problem of repeating history without my full knowledge, awareness, and being in communications of stimuli defined by light and sound within the functions of the human body without damaging my human body.

* DRY 2018, Foresight 2018, Embedded Tag 2018, (the)Garden of Artists 2018, Ithaca Cupid 2018, (the)Art Revolution of Thought 2018, Adfree World 2018, Maybe Evermore 2018, One Day 2018, JOE 2018, “Maybe” MODE 2018, “Nobody” 2018, Dragonfly Stuctures 2018,  Avande 2018, Sharem 2018, JUSD 2018, Carmorance 2018, SCA 2018, Elltitude 2018, Transpondent Exchange 2018, Emerld Cavity 2018, Anduality 2018, Neo-Contextualism 2018, Multiplexition 2018, Metahesion 2018, Evotion 2018, The Mind’s Yelle 2018, Xtra-Consciousness 2018, Onemore 2018, Vitamorphism 2018, Instinctual Intuition 2018, Neuro-Contextulogy 2018, Neuro Dynamics 2018, Transpondence 2018, VCP 2018, Fractalgrams, Geograms, and Spiralgrams 2018, Hyper-physics 2018, Contextual Index 2018, Contextuality 2018, Context Infrastructures 2018, “Spherical” Vertical Growing 2018, ME 1985

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Digital Portfolio 1996-2018

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Amination and Video Production

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Tetra Mechanics Example copyright 1985, David Robinson Yelle

The Circling of the Square

Proof of Moire Art in the Fractal Flame copyright 1996

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College Portfolio 1996-2001

Credit”Marilyn Manson”
Credit “Marilyn Manson”

Copyrighted 1996

Based on the theory of “Instant Gratification”. Now named Instantiation Art, Example.

Known as the “Box of Iniquity”, the representation of the virtual. Titled,” The box of Inquity”

Copyrighted 1996

Original production of the Fractal Flame Algorithm and origin of “The Eternal U’d Maybe Evermore” One Day.

Any and all  technology developed from my drawings will need be in communication with my Design Firm to work out any and all legal loose ends. We will be in touch, proof of the original paper documents of all technology are made available by request and in possession of, David R Yelle.

“Close your eyes, as the disinformation is an abomination of the facts.” David R Yelle

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