“Live to Learn, Learn to Love, Love to Live.”

“The beginning of collaboration is working to create bodies of art that transform the human inspiration into reality.”

Within a dream, there are more dreams all around us in business and our daily lives. Our dream and passion for design and quality is our standard we live by. Each day we all can make a difference and an impact on the world around us. That impact is what shapes our future lives and success in business.

We specialize in all original and custom quality designs ranging from graphic design, website development, business development, engineering process design, product design and development, photography, video production, animation, event design, software design and development, landscape and architecture design, custom solutions for complex business integrations and development: Design and Solution Architecture.
In the ever-growing and more increasingly complex business world we thrive in, there is room for business collaboration. As a Design Firm, if we don’t specialize in your project’s needs, we will source out a specialist for the project on a local to regional level within our trusted network. At the roots of design and solutions architecture there is no one person better than the many, our firm.

The mission is to accomplish quality work in an enhanced timeframe, that does not compromise the final product, the clients, the developers, or designers. Our process involves Spiral Communication ™ and Human-Centered Design ™ to effectively reach the point of mutual agreement and comprehensively understand the concepts in the details of technological impact. We strive to reach an elevated form of communication beyond the gravity and weight in the analysis of complexity. For example, Embedded Tag has designed, developed, and produced Hyperloop Seeds ™, Hypervariables ™, Ethical Development ©1996, and an effective advertising technology, Meta-Advertising ™.
The goal is to live and give within the vicinity of humanitarian and environmental standards to surpass trends of sacrificial targeting and corporate survival. Business transparency with the personal privacy at the heart of the business. Within our business model, there is a structure of giving to equal a percentage of gratuity for local revitalization. Our world is your world too.

Connect with us today, no matter how big or simple. we will design, print, and develop a solution that works for you.

Company Website: https://www.embeddedtag.com as merged with https://www.thegardenofartists.com

For questions about Embedded Tag or contract work, send a request to the email below. Also be attentive to the fact, all licences and legal documents assigning legal rights to company property or personal property within the company, per legal section, must be submitted through a design request form processed through http://www.embeddedtag.com. Thank you.

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