Public Art Day Awards Fundraiser

The Artisian’s Awards

DATE: TBA – 2021 Denver

White Shadows of Thought

Is thought safe? Suffering has many forms and the one private space, where peace originates doesn’t exist anymore and are your digital passwords secure?

Personal inter-dimensional space, such as the intangible place where we think, has become an invasion on the immeasurable space where mental health, personal freedom, and creativity lives. When every civil right a human has is threatened by fear, interest, or in the name of furtherance, is it worth what we lose?

As a software development company, Embedded Tag has been developing a secure key authentication method and you can help. If your thoughts are hackable, how do we develop a secure password authentication? Embedded Tag is also a public collective and the security of your digital identity is your living right. 

Living Rights

What you will receive for contributing to the project of Living Rights, National Public Art Day, and The Artisian’s Art Awards:

2021 Embedded Tag©™

Fully printed Document. Embedded Tag as a software company, our contribution will metamorphose as a living document and as a ongoing project. It is a gesture of kindness to the living and humankind. Future work: Jusd of Life, a distinguishable difference in Living Rights and the right to be alive and secure in a contextual circumstance amongst all life. ©™ Embedded Tag 2018.

The process of Copyrighting Artwork within the strokes, imprint, symbols, etc. of any media with the piece of artwork is a Trademarked mechanism. As I have already created art in every media with the Embedded Copyright. Dated back to 1991. People have the power within collectives and organizations that are not associated with my business. Please contact me for more information.

Art piece completed and evaluated on August 11, 2018

instantiation art – A field of art that shows an example of intellectual property in a instance in history, also in multiple time-frames.

For information about the project

Embedded Tag ©2020

Please contact me personally if interested in purchasing Fundraiser Art for The Artisian’s Awards.

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